“Foundation or BB cream, which one is better ?” It’s a question a lot of people ask and there are many different opinions. To me, both of them have some great qualities. But instead of giving you my opinion and telling you which one is better and all that, I will give you some pros and cons and you can decide which one you like better.

For this blogpost I used my Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 hours foundation and my Garnier BB cream. I used these because I switch between these two the most and can tell you more about it.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25H foundation (€13,50):


The Rimmel London website says:

“Instant perfect coverage that feels extra comfortable and lasts all day

– Blends flawlessly, seamlessly, instantly and easily into the skin
– Sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof for up to 25 hours”

The foundation does blend nicely, but don’t use more than 1/1,5 pumps or you’ll get a cakey finish. I have an oily skin and even though the foundation is really nice, it isn’t sweat/heat/humidity/transfer proof for 25H. Maybe if I don’t do anything all day and only set my face with some powder in the morning it’ll stay matte, but if I have an active day at school or work it will start getting oily and shiny.

Short version:


  • Blends very well into the skin
  • Nice coverage
  • Smells nice
  • Decent amount of shades to choose from
  • Good price value


  • Not suitable for (extremely) oily skin


Garnier BB cream (€10):


A lot of different beauty websites have blogged about this, not all of them were very happy with this BB cream, but I am one of the bloggers that is happy with it.

The BB cream blended very well with my skin [sorry, I lost the picture where I show it], but it still is a BB cream (BB stands for blemish balm), so it doesn’t give a lot of coverage. It still gives you a nice glow and a bit of color.


  • Blends well
  • Nice glow
  • Evens skin tone
  • Smells nice


  • Not really suitable for oily skin
  • Limited range of shades to choose from


It really depends on your skin and what you would rather have. Some people like to cover all their blemishes and would prefer a full coverage foundation while others would rather go for something a little bit more lightweight and use a BB cream.

Don’t feel pressured to go for one or the other. If you want (and have the money for it) try both of them and see what you like best. I use foundation 80% of the time, but sometimes when I feel like going for something a bit more natural I’ll use my BB cream. It’s a personal preference.

Question of the day: which one do you prefer; foundation or BB cream?













9 thoughts on “Foundation vs BB cream”

  1. Loved the layout of this review with the whole pros/cons things! Makes a comparison so much clearer when its done like that. The swatches are so helpful too. I’m a big fan of cliniques moisture surge tinted moisturiser right now while my skin is good so doesn’t need too much coverage! Thanks for sharing, love your blog already

    Jess xx


  2. I didn’t really understand the difference between foundation and BB ceram, but I always found that foundation was better for me personally and I’m not sure why. Very insightful and informative post lovely X

  3. I used to use a BB cream until I decided I wanted something with a bit more coverage so I switched to foundation. I do like the BB cream though – one of the reasons I needed to change was because suddenly it started making my skin a touch orange. I decided then it was time for a change haha!

  4. I’m the same as you and usually wear foundation about 80% of the time too. i have super oily skin so sometimes BB cream just doesn’t work for me. However, I do use a Body Shop Tea Tree BB cream that is god for oily skin and breakouts! x

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