I can hear you guys thinking, “Larice, we are already halfway through September, why are you posting an August favorites?”. Well my darlings, I realised hadn’t posted one yet, so here it is anyway.

In August I bought and tried a few things that I just had to share with you.

  • Books

All The Bright Places written by Jennifer Nives

How To Fall In Love written by Cecelia Ahern

Before I went to Crete for 10 days I decided I needed a few books to read by the beach. A few friends of mine recommended these two books so when I went to the bookstore I just had to buy these. And they didn’t disappoint !

Both of these books have quite a serious subject: both of the storylines involve somebody who wants to commit suicide and in both of the books there is someone who tries to show them how wonderful and beautiful life can be.

With whole my heart I recommend you to read them!


  • Concealer

In the summer I am not going around with a full foundation face. Instead I only apply concealer on a few spots that need it (covering dark circles, spots etc).

The Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer was perfect for me! It covered everything, but it didn’t feel heavy on the skin at all. Unfortunately I ran out of it, I used it all summer long, so now I have to go buy a new one. I don’t mind at all, this one will definitely stay in my favorites for a while.

It is available at all drugstores for €8,95 (at least, so far every drugstore I’ve been to had this concealer).



  • My go-to meet up place

I live in a small town in the Netherlands called Ede and we have a very cute cafe called Coffee & Coffee. And every time I text a friend to go out we meet at this place.

It is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a nice afternoon. And everything they sell tastes so good, I’m not even kidding. In the picture below you can see something very yummy and believe it was ! I order the same thing every. freaking. time. The salted caramel cheesecake, it tastes like heaven. Last time I thought about ordering a hot drink to go with the cheesecake and decided to order a s’mores latte and WOW. I never expected it to be such a HUGE mug. But I enjoyed every last bit of it.

So if you ever find yourself in my hometown (very unlikely, still…), go take a look there ! Really worth it.



  • Garnier Micellar cleansing water

I don’t even know where to begin. This product has been my favorite for such a looooong time. I’ve emptied about 6 bottles of this already, I can’t get enough of it.

I use the cleansing water with cotton pads to take off my makeup and it’s amazing. It takes off my makeup very smoothly and leaves my skin baby soft and feeling super clean ! If you haven’t tried this yet I really recommend trying this, it is €6 and available at most drugstores.




My last august favorite is something I recently purchased and instantly fell it love with;

  • Sleek contour kit (light)

Last year I went to London and I found this Sleek contour kit, but I had already spent so much money so I left it there. For months I was quite bummed, because I regretted not buying the kit. Sleek isn’t available every in the Netherlands so it’s not like I could buy it as easily. Until I went to a drugstore nearby and noticed they had a whole section filled with Sleek makeup products, I could barely contain my excitement ! So there I was, in a drugstore, not that much money on my bank account, but I still went ahead and bought it..

Do I regret spending the last bit of my money ? Maybe a little bit, but so far this kit hasn’t disappointed me. It even has a mirror inside, so you can put it in your purse and check up on your makeup on the way !

In the UK I think you can find it in most stores, but in the Netherlands you can find it at the DA for €13,99.



That’s all of my favorites for this month ! What are some of your favorites right now ? Let me know !


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