FINALLY ! Autumn is here, my favorite season of the year ! Where everything is cosy, time to buy scented candles, buying nice warm sweaters, everything is just oh so lovely. But with Autumn being here now, it is time to change up my makeup look. Why not share it with all of you ?


After I cleansed my face and used a moisturiser, I start with my base: for this I used the Maybelline Fit Me foundation (A foundation I have had in my makeup bag for quite a while and have a love/hate relationship with). I used one pump on the back of my hand. Then I grabbed my Zoeva 102 Silk Finish brush, dotted the foundation all over my face and buffed the foundation into my skin.

To get rid of those few spots and dark circles under my eyes I used the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer in the color Ivory.

One thing I never forget to do is set my face. I use the Rimmel Matte Powder in the color 001 Transparent so my face doesn’t look like a disco ball. You see why this step is essential to me ?

Once I set my face I use my Sleek brow stylist in the color medium 717. Since my brow hair is really thin and barely visibly it still is quite difficult to get both my brows the same shape, but I manage most of the time. The Sleek brow stylist really is great, one end has a spoolie and the other end has a crayon like pencil, don’t worry about it looking too drawn on. If you use it light handed you get a great natural brow !

Instead of contouring and highlighting now I like to do my eyes first.


I wanted to create a warm, natural look for the eyes, just to keep it simple and easy to wear everyday.

  • I first used number 1, this made my eyelids a lot lighter and easier to work with. In the crease I used two colors: first the Benefit Hoola bronzer, it has a more orange look and makes the eye makeup warmer.
  • Then number 2, I added this in the crease as well to define it a bit more.
  • Number 3, combined with the tiniest bit of the black, blending it in the outer corner with my MAC 217 brush. With an angled brush I lined the black shadow along my lash line to define my eyes more.
  • Number 4, a warm, deep burgundy shade. With a small brush I blended this underneath my lower lash line.

For mascara I used the L’oreal miss manga mascara, one of my favorites, because of its cone shaped brush. But I do curl my lashes, because my lashes are very short and for some volume and length and basically I need them to be visible.

And now the eyes are done !

Now back to my base, for contour I used the Sleek contour kit, to define my cheekbones. The Benefit Hoola bronzer I use quite generously; cheeks, top of my face, along my jawline and just all over my face. Then a subtle hint of the peachy-pink blush on the apple of my cheek and to finish it a swipe of the highlighter on top of my cheekbones.

To complete the look I used my all-time favorite lipstick: MAC Whirl. I’m not really tan, but because I’m half Indonesian I do have a tinted skin color, so MAC Whirl is like a nude lipstick for me. Only a little darker (wow, Larice, you’re so great at explaining things, 10 points to you).

And tadaa! Here’s the finished look:

hope you enjoyed reading this! Do you switch up your makeup for Autumn ? If yes, what is your favorite makeup product for autumn ?


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  1. I enjoyed reading this post! Been looking for a nice contour make up so maybe I’ll check out Sleek or Benefit’s. Although we don’t really have Autumn here in Southeast Asia, I did an Autumn-inspired eye make up look as well using an Etude House palette. It’s been my consistent look everyday lately. ^.^

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