I entered a giveaway contest and, surprisingly,  won the new Vichy Mineral Masks! I was so thrilled. When I opened the package there was a letter inside, it said I was one of the first people to try out the masks and if I could let them know what I thought about them. So why not write a blogpost about it, right ?

In the package there were 3 facemarks:

1. Quenching Mineral Mask


Main ingredient: Vitamin B3 (website doesn’t mention anything else)

What it promises: Combines natural properties to cool, quench and refresh the skin acting as an additional hydration boos. Skin looks brighter and a healthier skin tone is revealed. This face mask is recommended for dry, sensitive skin.

Final opinion: The second I applied this mask to my face it felt so refreshing. This mineral mask has a gel like consistency, not too watery, because that would cause such a mess, no this mask was so easy to use. After washing it off my face there was still this refreshing and glowing feeling. My skin felt really smooth afterwards, so lovely.

2. Pore Purifying Clay Mask


Main ingredient: Aloe Vera and Allantonin

What it promises: Unclogs pores and purifies oily skin. Skin is left feeling calm, balanced and soft to touch. This face mask is recommended for oily skin.

Final opinion: Clay masks are my favorite thing in the world, there is something so satisfying about the fluid like consistency that dries on your skin. But enough rambling; as all clay masks, it is a thick creamy grey paste very easy to apply to the face. It is basically a moisturiser, only it stays on.. and you have to wash it off. But other than that applying it feels the same. My skin got a little patchy around my nose, but nonetheless still an amazing mask!

3. Double Glow Peel Mask


Main ingredient: Volcanic rock, AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids):To remove dead skin cells, using 5 natural plant extracts: blubber, sugar cane, maple-syrup, orange and lemon.

What it promises: Gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. The skin’s texture is refined and a fresh and luminous complexion is revealed. This face mask is recommended for people whose skin lacks radiance.

Final opinion: This one was probably my favorite, because it has such a nice, fresh scent and it actually gave my face such a healthy glow. Like the first mask, it is a gel like consistency, but still very nice to apply to the face. One thing I should mention: the packaging says peel mask, which made me think you could actually peel it off, but you can’t.  Just wash it off like the rest my darlings, then you should be fine. Made my skin really radiant, didn’t even need to highlight my face !

Overall: All 3 of these masks are so easy to use. You only have to leave them on for 5 minutes, so it won’t even take up much time. Perfect ! I really loved trying out these face masks and will definitely purchase one of them (if I have the money all of them…) again ! Thank you Vichy for letting me try them out !

If you are interested, check out these masks yourself: http://www.vichy.ie/MINERAL-MASK-COLLECTION/range/r2375.aspx

Question of the week: What is your favorite face mask at the moment ?



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  1. The volcanic rock intrigues me! I haven’t used a face mask in a while but I used a charcoal one a while back and though ooh you don’t smell half bad. I definitely will check these out as I adore Vichy (and the other french brands). A lovely review!
    Lisa | fairlyrosy.com

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