Ohh we are almost entering December! But before November ends let’s take a look at everything I’ve been loving this month. From skincare to clothes, there’s quite a few interesting bits and bobs. Be prepared, because I finally had time to take pictures, so it will be a long list. Hope you enjoy my November favorites!


snapchat-1707954327The first one; a red blouse from H&M, it is
actually perfect for summer, but I find myself wearing it even in this cold weather. I can combine it with my MAC Sin lipstick; perfect match! It is actually an off-the-shoulder top, but I don’t always feel comfortable with off-the-shoulder tops, I somehow find myself tugging on them, because I rarely wear them. Unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere on their website, apologies for that!


The second one: I bought this jumper a few weeks ago and let me tell you; it has been a struggle not to wear this every day. It is so comfortable, warm yet fashionable and you can wear it with almost everything! I bought it in an H&M store, but I can’t find it on their website. I did find a similar jumper here.



The Rimmel London volume colourist mascara (link): I saw this mascara literally everywhere and I got curious, a mascara that also tints you eyelashes the more you use it? I had to try that out. The first time I used this mascara it wasn’t working for me, my lashes felt really thin and looked horrible. But I found the perfect combination; before I apply this mascara I apply a coat of eyelash primer (I used the L’oreal false lash superstar, it has two sides and one of them is a eyelash primer). Eyelash primer is basically  a white mascara, it thickens the eyelashes a little bit so when I go over it with this mascara they look a lot better! Fuller and longer, and who doesn’t want that in a mascara.


The Clinique eyeshadow nudes palette (link); perfect for autumn and winter seasons. All shades have a warm undertone, some of them are matte, but a few of them have a little bit of a shimmer that make it look gorgeous. As you can see in the picture one color has been used a lot; it is a subtle low-level shimmer champagne color. I,  and also my mom, use that color to highlight our brow bones. You can even take it with you wherever you go, because there is a little eyeshadow applier in it and it is a relatively tiny palette! Fits perfectly in your bag for when you need to touch up your eye makeup.

Skincare products:

20161127_152913These items, unfortunately, won’t be available in your country (unless you live in the Netherlands), but I had to share it. I have been using the Kruidvat originals skincare (linkitems this entire month and gosh, my skin looks and feels amazing. The big bottle in the middle is a rose water toner, after I remove my makeup I grab a cloth and pour the rose water on it, swiping all over my face. Your face instantly feels so refreshed and clean. I also do this in the morning to make sure there’s no dirt left on my face. In the morning, after I used the rose water, I use the day cream (left). It feels very light on the skin, which is nice. The cream leaves a slight glow on your face as well, perfect for when you’re running out of highlighter ha. (Sorry about that awful joke..) Anyway, before I go to sleep I apply the night cream, it is a thicker cream which you can really work into the skin and let it do the work overnight.


The Soleil Bronzer After-Sun milk by Lancome (link) It has a coconut smell, which I always love, it reminds me of summer. The milk itself is very nice to use, it melts on the skin which feels immediately comfortable, nourished, and very soft. You don’t have to put a lot, so the price is quite fair, and it’s a big bottle!

20161127_153255I had my doubts at first about using a mousse in the shower, but honestly, I will keep using shower mousse instead of shower gels. My mom (shoutout to you mom) recently bought the Nivea Silk Shower Mousse (link). There is a pump on it, so it is very easy to use, here is one piece of advice: don’t press the pump too long, because the foam that comes out expands (can you tell from the advice that it happened to me once, I ended up with my whole arm covered in foam). And the word ‘silk’, take it very seriously, as you apply the mousse all over your body you will immediately know why the word ‘silk’ is used in the name. It feels heavenly on the skin and it smells just like all the other Nivea products; amazing.



I only recently discovered this lovely fragrance, Versace’s Yellow Diamond (link), my mom got it as a present, but she didn’t like it. And “unfortunately” she gave it to me, how terrible to get a fragrance for free, especially when it smells incredible.The fragrance smells like flowers, for an obvious reason of course, because it has flowers in it; freesias, waterlilies and mimosa. You get a really fresh and sweet scent, but fortunately not a heavy scent.

The last of my November favorites is this huuuuge makeup bag. I got it 20161127_153547as a present from my dad, which was very lovely. I have a shit ton of makeup and since I have o travel between two cities every week (my parents are divorced and live in different cities), this bag makes it a lot easier to travel and take my makeup with me. Unfortunately I have no idea where he bought it, but I had to share it in my favorites.

And a little bonus: I made a ‘November favorites’ playlist on Spotify! Listen to it here.

Hope you enjoyed my November favorites! What are some of your favorites this month? 

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