With just a little over 24 hours till the new year begins, I thought it would  be nice to end the year with a little positive note.

These last few weeks all the bad things came at once for me and it was quite a lot to deal with, which is why I abandoned the blog for a while. I wasn’t in a right state of mind to actually focus on blogging and school as a matter of fact.

But for now I want all the negative out of my mind, just breathe for a second and not worry. Because there are so many exciting things happening in 2017, so many things to look forward to.


  • FINALLY getting my drivers license
  • Planning a trip for Christmas with a friend of mine (yes I like to plan ahead with these things)
  • Roadtripping
  • Getting my own car
  • Finishing the first year of Journalism
  • Obviously my birthday, I’m turning 19 already (!!!)
  • Start planning properly
  • Get this whole blogging thing under control so I can give you something worth your time
  • Get back into my reading habits (step by step I’m working to it! Already finished 2 books this week)
  • But most importantly, spend time with all the lovely people around me.

I promise you, and this is a pinky promise, I will get back to blogging in January. Maybe not the first week, but I promise you I will be back! I miss you guys too much, and I mostly miss blogging a lot.

So to all you lovely people, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and hope you will have an amazing New Years Eve. I wish every single one you all the luck, love, health and everything you can wish for in 2017. May all your wishes come true.

Happy New Year boys and girls!

Lots of love, Larice

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