Two days ago I made a poll on my twitter, giving my followers the choice whether they wanted to see an updated everyday makeup look or my winter skincare routine. Yesterday the poll closed and… *drumroll* the makeup look won!

[Also you better all appreciate the picture I used above, because this is the first time EVER I show my bare face on the internet *dramatic music plays in the background*.]

This is a bit of a grungy look, but if you don’t mind a bit of a heavier makeup look please do try it out! It is literally so simple, anyone could do it. All products are listed below.


20170121_124310 20170121_123525

After having moisturised my face I apply my primer with my hands, making sure I have covered every bit of my face. Then I used the Max Factor lasting performance [fun fact: I started wearing makeup at the age of 13/14 and this was the first foundation I ever used], applying it with the Zoeva 102 brush. I do try to apply a bit of foundation down my neck, because for some reason my face starts to get really pale during the winter, while the rest of my body remains a bit tanned #struggles.

After I have applied my foundation and concealer and my skin starts to look decent again I make my face matte again by using the Rimmel stay matte powder, still my all time favourite powder.

Now it is time to bring my face back to life by using the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 palette. I am so in love with this face palette, there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t used it, since I got it. It has everything you need! Highlighter, blush and contour and quite a nice variety of them. And all the shades are so pigmented, so be careful when applying.

20170121_123907 20170121_123437

Now that my base is completely done it is time to make my brows magically appear! As you can see in the top picture my brows are barely visible, even though the hairs are a dark brown colour. I have really thin and separated eyebrow hairs, which is why you can’t really see them. That is why I use my trusty eyebrow pencil in combination with the gel.

After I have perfected my brows, which takes about a good 5 minutes, it is time to get into the eyeshadow out. I used a purple/bronze shade, in the picture you can see my blending brush hanging over it. With the blending brush I swipe the eyeshadow all over my lid, next I take a small brush to swipe a black eyeshadow along my lash line and that is all! It actually is as simple as that when it comes to the eyeshadow.

20170121_123631 20170121_123718

We are almost at the end of this makeup look! After having used my trusty lash curlers I take my Lancome Doll Eyes mascara. This is a high end product, but if you can afford and like them, I really recommend this one.

The right photo shows all the brushes I have used and use every day.


As I said before you can either stop here and leave the makeup like this, but for the sake of this being an explicit makeup look I applied a lipstick. The Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Rock Steady, a lovely creamy red colour. I haven’t worn red lipsticks in months, but I am obsessed with this colour again!

And that is it, that is the finished makeup look. I hope you enjoyed reading this!

What are some of your everyday makeup look products?

Love, Larice

Products used:

Max Factor facefinity

Max Factor lasting performance

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish

Rimmel London stay matte powder

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold blush and contour palette

Maybelline the nudes eyeshadow palette

MAC 217 blending brush

Essence eyebrow gel

Real Techniques brushes

Lancome doll eyes mascara

Lancome concealer

Urban Decay Vice lipstick in ‘Rock Steady’ [cream finish]

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