The cold, snow, fireplaces, blankets, cups of tea, these are the words I associate with the winter season. But there is one more that comes to mind; dry skin. One of the downsides of the cold season is that my skin turns against me and has a full breakdown.

But no worries, after years of finding the right products to use on my skin I have found a routine of some sort. Today I will be sharing that routine with you all, this routine can be used for both day and night.

Step 1: Take off your make-up.


Whether it is day or night, I always use a makeup wipe to make sure there is no makeup left before I continue the rest of my routine. The makeup wipes I use are the Nivea sensitive cleansing wipes.

Step 2: Make sure there is no dirt left on your face.


Even after I have used the cleansing wipes I use the Garnier Micellar cleansing water, because 8 out of 10 times there is still a little dirt/makeup left on my face. This is my all time favourite cleansing water, especially in the winter it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I use it in combination with a few cotton wipes, depends on how much dirt there is left.

Step 3: Use a day/night cream.


Of course, this one depends on when you’re doing this routine. During the day time I use the Nivea day cream for dry/sensitive skin, it is definitely one of my favourite creams. Like it says on the packaging it is a rich moisturising cream. It is very light on the skin, but still makes my skin feels amazing. For those who are allergic to scents in creams, don’t worry about this one! It is a scent-free day dream.


For the night I normally use the Nivea one, but since I have run out I am currently using the Diadermine Hydra repair night cream. It is a light pink cream, a little on the greasy side, but I actually find that perfect for a night cream. Makes me feel like it is actually nourishing my skin over night.Also it has a light floral scent, so wonderful. So when I wake up my skin feels all hydrated and soft! I will probably go back to the Nivea night cream after I have finished this one, but for now it is great! Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link to buy it online..

Step 4: Applying eye cream.


I recently added this to my routine; eye cream. My mom was using the L’oreal Revitalift Anti-wrinkle and firming Eye cream [that’s quite a mouthful isn’t it…]. No, I am not saying I am getting wrinkles at the age of 18, but it does give me a certain feeling of assurance for the future, you know what I’m saying. It is probably all bullshit, but I don’t know, it just works for me.

Step 5: Treating the rest of my body.


About six months ago I bought this body lotion and my god, do I love this stuff. The Ginger & Co. Soft on you daily body lotion. It smells like “rose, lemon balm and mallow”, so it says on the packaging. I had no clue as to what scent ‘mallow’ was supposed to be so I looked it up “musk scented lavender flowers”. Normally I don’t like the scent of lavender, to me it’s like a grandma scent (no offense, but you all understand what I mean). But the combination of those lavender flowers with the rose and lemon balm is honestly my new favourite scent in the world. When applying it to your skin you immediately feel nourished and fresh. Really recommend this one.

What products do you use in the Winter to protect your skin from the cold weather? Leave it in the comments below!

Love, Larice


5 thoughts on “Skincare routine [winter edition]”

  1. I love posts like this. Well, I just enjoy seeing what products people use and are loving because I definitely need some recommendations and the garnier micellar water is so, so good! I love it, because it genuinely makes my skin feel so soft and fresh aha! love this post girly!

    sami x

  2. Garnier Micellar Water is my favourite micellar water. It’s the only one I’ve found which doesn’t sting my face.
    I have also discovered in the past few months the Simple Dual effect eye make up remover and it’s so good! literally removes my eye make up in about 3 minutes! I’m also loving an oil-free nivea moisturiser 🙂

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