Welcome lovelies to the very first edition of ‘Little bookclub’! If you didn’t know yet, I am a huge fan of books. Ever since I was little I had my room full of books. Instead of having them read to me, I loved reading them myself. Which is why in elementary school I already got the highest reading level in third grade (that makes me about 8/9 at the time). As my love for books is still here, why not make it into a fun little series? I might not review or recommend a book every week, but maybe once a month would be fun.

For the first edition of Little Bookclub I will be reviewing Estée Lalonde’s book ‘Bloom’. Estée is one of my favourite youtubers, about two years ago my internet bestfriend said I had to watch Estée’s videos, because I would totally love them and her. And I do! She’s so down to earth, funny, honest and we share the same amount of love for animals.


When she announced in one of her youtube videos (watch it here) she was bringing out a book I was dying to go out and purchase it immediately. Unfortunately I either didn’t have the money or I simply forgot, so I am a little late to the party. But I am here! I read the whole thing in one day. When I’m intrigued by a book and I start reading it, don’t even bother trying to talk to me, because I won’t respond. I get sucked up in the story so much that the world around me stops spinning for a little while. That is what happened while reading Bloom as well.

First of all the cover of Bloom is freaking gorgeous, like I will keep this book the rest of my life and when I move into my own apartment I will use it as a coffee table book, because this is the kinda thing I want to show off to people. But back to the book:

Estée named her book ‘Bloom’, because (and I quote) “Bloom is the idea that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. This book is exploring my ‘bloom journey’: the journey I went on to blossom into who I’ve become today, including some of the high and low points that inevitably pop up along the way”, that is probably the most beautiful and thoughtful idea behind the title of a book.

In her book she talks about her relationship with Aslan (her boyfriend, not the lion from Narnia..), the move to London, her hair, makeup, fashion and her dog Reggie.

Estée talks about her childhood a lot in Bloom and the struggles to get through it; what she went through at school and how she never fit in. But what I love about Estée is that even though she had quite a rough time, she says she still looks back at her childhood with a lot of fond memories. The things she went through in that period, she never let it bother her. I really admire how strong she is.

My two favourite bits are: the story of how Estée and Aslan met, they sent postcards to each other and Aslan also wrote a letter to Estée. During one of her Q&A sessions (link to Estée’s vlog here) in a bookstore Aslan read the letter out loud and honestly it had me crying, so adorable. The other favourite part is when she talks about Reggie, their greyhound dog. The way she talks about Reggie is adorable.  Estée talks about the process of adopting Reggie and how everyone should rather adopt dogs from shelters, because those dogs deserves so much love. I couldn’t agree more!


Watching her youtube videos I kinda got to ‘know’ her, but reading this book I feel like I have a new friend. This book is so honest and open and exactly Estée, I truly wish I knew her in real life.

If hadn’t guessed already, I really recommend this book to anyone who loves reading about people’s lives, about beauty, fashion, home decorations. It’s honestly for everyone.

Buy ‘Bloom’ here: bloom-by-estee.com

Find Estée’s blog: http://www.esteelalonde.com


If you have read it already, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

Love, Larice

15 thoughts on “Little Bookclub #1: Bloom”

  1. I love the idea of your bookclub! I can see you reviewing a lot of interesting books. This book sounds like something I would read, I love reading about people’s lives. There’s a lot you seem to find out about from reading it from their perspective. I think I’ll go and give this a read!

    Gemma | http://www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

  2. Hi Larice, I love your post style and photos. I’m looking for some contributors to help me beef-up an IM/chatroom site I created for book lovers so they can chat online about books in real time. Would be happy for you to check it out and let me know if you’d like to contribute anything, i.e. your own blog thread, bookish photos & videos, or even book reviews. Here’s the link: http://www.pagedropper.spruz.com/ Thanks! -Drea

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