As someone who has never really fallen in love ,the title of this book really hit me. Because, how are you supposed to fall in love? How does it happen? What do you do?

How To Fall In Love got my attention from the first moment I noticed the book on a bookshelf at my friends house. You could say it was love at first sight. My friend said she got it for her birthday once, but she had never read it, so I asked if I could read it.

This was one of those stories where once you open it, you have to finish it in one sitting. At least, that is how I experienced it. I got swept up in the story. It will warm your heart, touch the soul and you will never forget it for the rest of your life.

It is a story to fall in love with.

The captivating novel of Cecelia Ahern, How To Fall In Love:

Christine Rose is long-time self-help book fanatic. She recently walked out on her husband after she realised she didn’t love him. While usually being the one her best friend and clients, from the recruitment firm, come to for help, this time she is the one in a hopeless situation with her marriage troubles. If that wasn’t tough enough, she has a terrible feeling of guilt following her.¬†You see, she recently tried to stop someone from taking his own life. But with a few words something snapped inside of him and he shot himself. Every day Christine Rose wonders what those words were? What shouldn’t she have said?


That is until she meets Adam Basil. A guy standing on the Ha’Penny bridge in Dublin, about to jump down. Christine gets a second chance of saving someone’s life, so she is desperate to talk him down. She clings onto him and makes a deal: she will prove to him that life is worth living, but she has the deadline of his 35th birthday, which is in two weeks.

In only two weeks time Christine has to make Adam fall in love with living his life. Even though he lost his job, his father is dying, he is the heir to the family business, but he doesn’t want to get involved and to top it off, his girlfriend – who he was about to propose to – has run off with his best friend. It isn’t easy for Christine, but she won’t give up. She keeps hoping and telling herself she can be the one to fix him.

Without spoiling the ending: it will frustrate you so much, because it goes one way and you worry. But then it goes into another direction and you get confused. It’s confusing and beautiful and frustrating and so wonderful, but you will like it, I hope.

I have read this book 4 times now, but everything I read it I get the tingles all over again. It is such an emotional novel, it is almost impossible not to get emotionally invested in the story. In the end you just hope the characters get their happy ending, you want everything to be alright once you close the book.

As you can probably tell I enjoyed this book so much. Every bit of it. It is a story of heartbreak, loss, love and hope. Besides all the emotional heavy subjects, How To Fall In Love has a lot of humour in it. Cecelia Ahern’s writing is brilliant.

Definitely recommend if you like a bit of romance to go with the drama.

Love, Larice

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