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Some of you may have read this on twitter, but the last few days I was away. I actually went away for an internship! It may sound like a big deal (kinda is), but the point of this internship is trying to figure out whether journalism is the right choice for me and if working at an editorial office is as fun as I think it is. I had to find a place where I would be “working” for three days.

I was delighted to hear I got a spot at Blendle, but to be honest with you, I was also nervous and a bit intimidated. Because Blendle is quite a huge thing here in the Netherlands!

Blendle is a Dutch startup: a platform for the journalism industry where people pay a very small amount (from €0,10 up to €0,90) per article. This way you only pay for the articles you actually like instead of a monthly subscription where you don’t like every article. With Blendle you can even refund the money for an article if you don’t like it! Overall: fantastic platform. Find Blendle here.

Last Thursday I went there for a meeting and let me tell you, I was so bloody nervous I felt like passing out. But they were all so lovely and amazing  and I just couldn’t believe I was actually there. They told me I could be there from Monday till Wednesday. Monday I would be working with the Dutch team, Tuesday with US team and Wednesday I was going to help one of the guys from the Dutch team with his project.

So Monday morning at 10AM I arrived there for my first day; nervous, excited, no clue what to expect. First up we had a meeting, so I met all the lovely people I would be working with: the team discussed what their weekly goals were, what was going to happen today etc. etc. After the meeting we had lunch together. (You can actually lunch there for free! But of course being the shy student I took my own sandwiches and it made me look like such a weirdo. But anyway, lunch was great!)

After lunch they handed out the newspapers and magazines. You see, every day they send out a newsletter to people. So they have to select 12 articles (from either Blendle1-e1475765448878-2newspapers or magazines) and write inviting headlines and recommendations. I actually got to write those as well! In fact, one of those articles I wrote a recommendation for ended up in my newsletter. It was quite an honour!

The next day was pretty much the same except I spend the day with the US team. I loved it there! It was really weird, because writing english is fine for me, but actually talking to people in english in real life is so strange. But luckily I survived woohoo! That day I even wrote 3 recommendations. And again one of them got featured in the newsletter. That’s insane. And the best part of the day was lunch, because I tried avocado for the first time! (spoiler: I liked it)

Wednesday, my last day *insert sad emoji face*, was a lot of fun as well. I worked with one of the guys from the Dutch team on his project. I thought it was going to be such a long day, but time just flew by so fast! The second I turned my head to the clock it was 5pm. We stopped working and with a couple of people from the Dutch team and US team we went for a few drinks. Definitely a great end to this internship. I learned so much and everyone was so helpful and kind and I couldn’t have asked for a better first internship.

I am honestly sad to be leaving them, now I got so used to things there. It shows how quickly I get attached to people and places. But sadly it’s over and we’re moving on. Made some new friends, had a wonderful time. Only hope that in two years time I can do my 6 month internship there! Kind of is my dream now, but we will see where time takes us.

Short note: I am getting used to this student life. Everything is going so much better.

What are some of your best memories from college or UNI? What was your internship like?

Love, Larice


3 thoughts on “Life as a student pt 4: internship”

  1. Reading this post makes me so happy, because you sound so happy in it! Your internship definitely sounds like a lot of fun, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you when you have to apply for a six-month internship.
    Small confession: I’d never heard of Blendle before. Oops. Maybe it’s because I’m living under a rock at the moment. I’m stuck in an internship I don’t like at all, so I’m trying to finish early. It’s difficult and college doesn’t like it, but I rather finish early than be treated like shit. I’m really glad your internship experience is so much better than mine!

    x Envy

  2. Haha don’t worry, I hadn’t heard about Blendle until I started studying Journalism! But aw so sorry to hear your internship isn’t as much fun. Wishing you the best of the luck! X Larice

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