While I was gone a lot of you may not have known this, but last week was nerve wracking. You see, I still had to hand in an essay to get the last few creditpoints for my study. Luckily I got the credit, but I was still 2,5 points short to actually go on. Which was horrible, because I already told everyone I was going to sophomore year, when I wasn’t even sure yet.

You can imagine the wave of relief that washed over me when I got a confirmation email two days ago where my school let me know…. that I am now officially a sophomore student! I actually shed a few tears of how relieved I was with not having to explain to my parents that I didn’t get into the next year.

But with all that behind me: I actually am a sophomore student now, school starts next monday and summer is officially over. Four months have flown by so fast, so fast that I didn’t even schedule blogposts or tweeted at all, so my most sincere apologies for that. It may seem like I am chaotic with the whole blogging thing (which is also true), but fun fact: I bought stuff for school today, when college starts in three days, so yeah. Just letting you know, it’s not you, it’s me..

But my lovely people, this year I want to be prepared, better at planning (what else is new?!) and have a fun year. For now I know I will be going to Brussels this year and a mediatrip with classmates to another country, which should be really interesting and so much fun! As per usual, I will keep you guys updated on this year. Because I am continuing the ‘life as a student’-series! 

I would actually love to know if you guys actually enjoy reading these or if there is anything more specific you would like to know, or advice or anything like that. So it’s not just me rambling on about my year. Let me know in the comments or tweet me @HI_LARICE !

A short, but sweet beginning to hopefully an amazing new year of college and blogging! Cheers!

Love, Larice

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