What is the best thing about being a student? My student-travelpass! I get to travel for free through the whole country during the weekdays. So guess what I did this summer, that’s right, I played tourist in my own country. Of course I took some pictures and obviously I am sharing them with you guys.

#1 Arnhem

It is actually a city close to where I live, I go there all the time to shop, but I never actually went anywhere outside of the centre. This time I did, I went to a park, called Sonsbeek park. And I really loved it there, it was so peaceful and I felt like I was charging myself by soaking up the sun and exploring the park.

My favourite part was probably walking behind the waterfall. You had this big pile of stones, but there was this small path that led to a tiny cave. Once you entered you were able to actually get to see the waterfall from behind, it was so cold and noisy in there. Loved it.

#2 Groningen

After months of not having seen my best friend I decided to finally visit her! She will start at the University of Groningen this year and last summer she moved there. We went to her new place, we went shopping, had a cheeky little piece of cake with some coffee. It was so much fun.

#3 Nijmegen

Every year in Nijmegen you have the International Four Days Marches. For four days long people walk 30, 40 or 50 km daily. It is one of the largest events here in the Netherlands! During those four days it is not just about the walking, the majority of the young people only go to Nijmegen for the parties! All week long, every night there are DJ’s all over the city, live bands playing, it is like a festival and I love it.


These are a few of my favourite cities I have been to so far. I don’t mind going to new cities in my own country, it’s always fun to explore!

What are some of your favourite cities in your country? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to know!

Love, Larice

4 thoughts on “Tourist in my own country”

  1. I have to go to Nijmegen some time! I liked it when I went there in 2010 but it’s so long ago…
    I really like Utrecht (biased because I’ll be going to uni there next year), Maastricht and Rotterdam of course 🙂

    x Envy

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