I can hardly believe it myself, but in less than a month I turn 20. Growing up can be scary, shitty or fun. Or all three. It is your choice. If you complete all the things on this bucket list, you are certainly doing it right!

Here are: 20 things to do before 20

Roadtrip – this one really speaks for itself, but yes, go on a road trip. Surprise, Surprise, I got my drivers license almost a month ago now! The same day I got my drivers license I texted a few of my friends “so when’s the road trip going to happen”.

Go on a movie date… with yourself – Yes, it’s a thing. It might feel a bit unnatural at first, but having some alone time can be really nice, spend some time with yourself, you can do it!

Act like a kid – This has got to be one of my favourite things to do. Once in a while it is so liberating to let go of all your responsibilities and act like a kid. See a playground? Go down the slide!

Vote on a political matter – Of course this is something you can only do once you turn 18, but it feels so crazy to be able to have a say in something.

Shameless day drinking – I am not in any way encouraging people to drink during the day, but sometimes- for example a lovely summers day- it feels so nice to sit on a terrace and drink wine even though it’s only 1PM.

Watch the sunrise – Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? It is worth losing sleep over.

Spend a day without any technology – In a century where we are no longer living amongst, but in media, it is super important to take step back every once in a while. Look at it as a detox.

Go outside your comfort zone – New favourite thing to do, a few baby steps at a time.

Be a part of someone’s surprise party – The excitement, the laughter. All that for someone you care deeply for. How great is that?

Find a hobby you love – I always struggled with finding a hobby, because nothing really was my thing. Until I started writing! Find something you love and what makes you happy. 

Pull an all-nighter – This you just have to do once in your life.

Get rid of your old clothes – See it as starting with a clean slate.

Do a friend cleanse – As rude as this may seem, I could not recommend this more, you all know this friend, that you’re just friendly with, but not really friends. Don’t let those toxic people in your life. Cut them lose.

Go to a concert – This is just a must.

Make a new, real friend – As we get older, it is so important to have people in your life that actually care about you and are a true friend. Which is why it’s so important to make real friends!

Let your heart get broken – It sounds so devastating, but letting your heart break is such a beautiful way to getting to know yourself and truly heal yourself.

Treat yourself better – Not in a ‘treat yo’ self – go crazy shopping’ way, but in a ‘don’t be so hard on yourself’ way.

Learn to say no – I cannot repeat this enough.

Meet your online friends – I can still hear my moms voice in the back of my head “Don’t meet with people you’ve never met!”, well surprise mom, I did it. And they still have a special place in my heart.

Talk to everyone – My number one tip to living a positive life. Greet every person you see, whether it’s old people, people your own age, people you find intimidating, say “hello” and give them a nice smile. In a world that can be so cruel, people need all the kindness, no matter how simple the gesture is.

What is one thing you want to do before you turn 20?

Or what is there anything you wish you would’ve done?


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