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The lovely Ella from Ella Was Here inspired me to write this one, she recently posted a ‘5 Netflix series to watch in 2018’  and it got me so excited, I wanted to write one myself! I have actually written several Netflix recommendation posts which you can here and here, but with so many new shows being added to the website, I just can’t help myself but write another one!


Yes, yes I know, everyone is talking about it, but it truly is one of my all time favourite shows. I grew up with all the re-runs of Friends, but I had never actually seen it all. So I couldn’t contain my excitement when Netflix announced they would add Friends.

There’s something so relatable about the show, you can’t help but love it. The humor, the friendship, everything is just so lighthearted, I love it. I could watch it all day, which is exactly what I have been doing for the last few weeks..

Lie To Me

A show recommended to me by my colleague. It’s about a guy who is able to tell when anyone is lying. Maybe your lip twitched or maybe you were tapping your fingers, by the littlest thing he can tell you’re not telling the truth. He helps the police with solving cases, he helps people who are in divorce, anyone who pays him, he helps. It’s truly a very interesting series!

Black Mirror

I only ever watched the very first episode of Black Mirror, but honestly it freaked me out so much I stopped watching. Why it freaked me out? The realisation of this actually happening in the future truly frightened me. You never know, maybe in 10 years we will be living like this, maybe 20 years!

But, it really is a good series. I just have to pick up the courage to start watching it again.

The Good Wife

A fantastic show about lawyers, politics, love, family, drama. After the corruption scandal of her husband, Alicia throws herself back in the world of lawyers. With everyone being judgemental of her, it is not easy. But the way she fights all those who stand in her way is incredible. Totally recommend this show!

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

This is honestly such a fun and great show. It’s about a guy, and everything in his life is basically going wrong. Then he meets Dirk Gently, someone who believes that coincidence does not exist, he believes in the ‘fundamental interconnectedness of all things’. Or whatever that is supposed to mean. Dirk Gently solves cases with several supernatural (or in general weird-) creatures. It is such a fun, exciting, light show.

What are some of your favourite series to watch on Netflix?

Love, Larice


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