Here we are again. “Where has she been this time?!”, I hear you asking. Well, I’ve been planning a lot of exciting things!

To quickly talk you through it: I now have a media company with three of my classmates. Next sunday we will be flying to Moldova, one of (if not the) poorest countries in Europe. We will be staying there for two weeks. Exploring the country, making documentaries, writing articles and a lot more.

I am excited, definitely, but I do have to admit that it scares the living crap out of me. An unknown country, where I cannot speak the language and (as far as I have read) not many people know how to speak English.
And let’s not forget that this will be the first time I will be going anywhere outside of the country without either of my parents. Yes, I am twenty and an adult. But it still freaks me out.

But I try to forget all those points that scare me and try to focus on actually enjoying the trip. I mean, I get to do this as a school assignment. How cool is that?! Despite my nerves I actually am very pleased I get to explore a beautiful country like Moldova.

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More school related stuff: I am re-doing my second year. A lot of things have happened the last few months, resulting into me getting close to a burn-out. Things are back on track now, but with my mentor I decided it was best to re-do this year, to save me from working myself up and actually getting a burn-out.
It is actually such a relief I have that possibility, it’s like all the stress has fallen off my shoulders.

Long, rambling story short: things are good again. And I can’t wait to get my blogging back on track.

I will schedule a few posts before I leave for Moldova so I won’t suddenly disappear off the earth (… again).

Thank you for sticking around, love you with all my heart. Talk soon.

Love, Larice

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