Sunny, hot days. What better way to spend it than taking a walk in nature and exploring the beautiful Doorwerth castle nearby. And that’s exactly what my dad and I did. As off last week he is now officially retired and he needs to get out of the house more. Time for me to step in!

Castle grounds

We first walked through the vegetable garden. It had a small sign on the gate: “please close the gate, we don’t want our rabbits and ducks escaping!”, it almost felt like Peter Rabbit was hopping around there!

At least twenty different kinds of vegetables were found in the garden. We also found a very tiny hole in the ground, with, what looked like a tunnel. We unfortunately couldn’t find any rabbits, but I’m sure they were hiding somewhere.

Besides the dozens of vegetables, you could also find flowers! Spring was in full bloom on the castle grounds. Honestly, fresh flowers can boost my mood by a hundred times. They make everything happier and more colourful!


The Courtyard

The heat was just about bearable, but we quickly headed over to the courtyard. Part of it was covered in shadow. With the castle surrounding us, the heat and the whole atmosphere there; you would think we were in Italy!

Since we really needed to cool off, we had the time to really look around and appreciate the details of the building. The yellow-blue wooden blinds in front of the windows. The small towers and don’t forget the beautiful Narnian like lanterns. (Those lanterns just always remind me of Narnia ok)

I almost felt like a princess.



A walk down memory lane

Only after we arrived at the castle we realised we had forgotten our wallets, so we didn’t actually go into the castle. There are tickets you can buy to actually walk around inside the castle. But for now we settled with what we had, since there were enough grounds surrounding the castle for us to enjoy and explore.

We had a little picknick after a long walk, we greeted many dogs (and of course their owners)and took in all the beauty of this little hidden spot.

Mind you, I used to visit this place all the time with my dad when I was little. It has actually been ten years since I last visited this place. Going back there literally was walking down memory lane with my dad. Spending some quality time with my dad. We both loved it.

What’s your favourite thing to do on these beautiful sunny days?

Love, Larice

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