There are amazing bloggers out there, yet for some reason I am just terrible at keeping up with all of them. But there are a few blogs that make an exception, all these lovely girls have such amazing blogs and I adore them all.

Ella was here

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Who? Ella is a Belgian lifestyle blogger, who loves to travel and share her favourite little things of the world.

Why? Ella’s blog is probably my favourite blog of all time. Not only does she have the most stunning photography, but her posts are always so easy and wonderful to read. Not one time I thought “hmm no I don’t like this”, Ella and her blog are just amazing.

Where? TwitterInstagram

*sidenote: Ella’s blog [] is currently under construction, but I’m certain it’s worth the wait! 


chloe alice lily

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Who? Chloe is a beauty and lifestyle blogger, based in London.

Why? What I love about Chloe is that she always speaks her mind. She talks about different things going on in the world that nobody actually really talks about. People are different and unique. And that’s what makes all of us special. She also talks a lot about beauty related things that can be really helpful!

Where? TwitterInstagramBlog


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Who? Lauren Rosenbaum, a blogger from Edinburgh

Why? Can I just start off and talk about Lauren being the most photogenic person I have ever come across?! She’s so gorgeous! But okay, moving on. Lauren is one of the most down to earth and honest bloggers I’ve come across. Reading her posts and enjoying a nice cup of tea is the perfect combination.

Where? TwitterInstagramBlog


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Who? Morgan is a London based lifestyle blogger.

Why? Morgan was one of the first bloggers I followed. What I find amazing is that she is only 15 (!). Her photography is stunning and she works so hard for her blog. The hard work is paying off, because from what I see, she’s doing amazing!

Where? TwitterBlog


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Who? Helina, a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Estonia, who came to England to make her dreams come true.

Why? I came across Helina’s blog not too long ago. I first “met” her on twitter. Helina is a graphic designer and actually designed a gorgeous header for me! She’s such a sweetheart and writes lots of handy tips and tricks for your daily life.

Where? TwitterInstagramBlog

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Like I said; I’m not the best person at keeping up with people’s blogs. But I think in this community, it is important to support each other and share the love.

So here is me, sharing the love!

What are some of your favourite blogs to read? Let me know!

Love, Larice

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  1. love posts like this, as a community it is great to share people that you love! thankyou for sharing these great accounts to follow 🙂

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