With summer almost approaching us, it is time to switch up my wardrobe and get some summer clothing.

I have lost quite a bit of weight compared to last year, so I think a big shopping spree is necessary! What a burden. *wink*

Before I go out and buy all this silly stuff, I always check the internet for inspiration. What do I need? What do I like? What would look great on me? Just so I can get an idea of what to buy. So why not share that process with you guys?!

monki retro skater dress – €25

I never used to be a dress/skirt kinda gal, but lately I’m really into it. Wearing a dress of skirt makes me feel a little extra special and pretty. This simple retro skater dress from Monki would be a perfect one for summer. Simple and easy to combine.

h&m Lace white playsuit – €49,99

A few years ago I had a similar playsuit. It was my favourite clothing piece! Unfortunately after a while I didn’t fit the playsuit anymore. But since it was the last one I could find I held onto it and just looked at it occasionally in my wardrobe (how sad is that).

But now H&M have released a similar playsuit! Kinda pricy, but I want it so bad. 

h&m cotton shirtdress – €29,99

Summers can be a real hell for me, since I sweat quite quickly. A shirtdress (most of the time) isn’t quite as warm to wear during the hot days compared to tight fitted clothing.

A cotton shirt dress like this one from H&M would be quite brilliant for the summer. It’s loose, fashionable and so comfortable to wear.

monki v-necked playsuit – €25

More stripes! More playsuits! Is it obvious yet that I have quite a certain taste in clothing?

Monki is all about the playsuits and stripes now, in their busy chic section. I love the detail of the ‘belt’ like fabric across the waist. It just makes it that little bit better!

h&m striped paper back trousers – €29,99

Yes, I promise, I will quit with all these stripes now.  But these paperback trousers from H&M were just too good. For months now I’ve been looking at people rocking these trousers. I always thought it wouldn’t look good on me, but to be honest, I never tried them on. So I wouldn’t really know!

Like the shirtdress this fabric is very nice and comfortable to wear during the hot days. Those little things that make the heat more bearable.


monki leo shades – €12

Normally I can’t stand leopard prints, mainly because my mom used be all like “you should wear this!” and out of teenage rebellion I hated it. But I found these sunglasses on Monki and I love them!

If for once I could actually learn to safe money instead of constantly spending it, I would actually be able to go on a big shopping spree!

But for now I have this wishlist to stare at and dream of. What are some of the items on your current wishlist? 

Love, Larice

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