5 netflix shows to watch in 2018 graphic

5 netflix shows to watch in 2018

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The lovely Ella from Ella Was Here inspired me to write this one, she recently posted a ‘5 Netflix series to watch in 2018’  and it got me so excited, I wanted to write one myself! I have actually written several Netflix recommendation posts which you can here and here, but […]

20 things to do before 20 graphic

20 things to do before 20

I can hardly believe it myself, but in less than a month I turn 20. Growing up can be scary, shitty or fun. Or all three. It is your choice. If you complete all the things on this bucket list, you are certainly doing it right! Here are: 20 things to do before 20 Roadtrip – this […]

Three days in Brussels graphic

Three days in Brussels

In case you didn’t know, I am a journalism student, sophomore year. This semester is all about Europe, so of course we visited Brussels. Basically the heart of the European Union. For three days, morning to night we wandered around the beautiful city. Exploring every little thing. The shops, the European Parliament, christmas markets, local […]

Little bookclub #4 milk and honey. graphic

Little bookclub #4 milk and honey.

A new year, a new book and a new review. Milk and Honey, a bundle filled with poetry. To my surprise, I really am into poetry now. I can scroll through tumblr endlessly, reading every small and big poem there is. There is something about most of them, maybe it’s how relatable some can be, […]

New year, same old me graphic

New year, same old me

No more excuses. It’s time for a fresh start, how cliché it may sound. With several people I have talked about what to do with my situation. You see, I have been trying to deal with my anxiety for a while now, but recently I decided I should stop dealing with it on my own. […]

Life as a student pt. 6 graphic

Life as a student pt. 6

It has happened before, a sudden disappearance without any explanation. Why? Because life gets in the way. I thought that this year everything would be a more chilled year, as in, not as much deadlines in one week as last year. Well I found out I was wrong. But, it was a lot of fun. […]

Cold season purchases graphic

Cold season purchases

It’s november and we all know what that means.. Get ready for the freezing cold! And for those who have been here since the beginning, you might know this time of year is my absolute favourite. Which is why I already bought a few bits and bobs for the cold season ahead of us. Let’s start […]

An updated skincare routine graphic

An updated skincare routine

It has been a while, but I figured it was time for an updated skincare routine. This isn’t necessarily a nighttime or daytime routine. Because I often use a makeup remover during the morning as well, to remove any makeup that is still left on my face so I can start with a clean slate. […]

Life as a student [pt. 2] graphic

Life as a student [pt. 2]

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Maybe you remember my very first blogpost; life as a student. I talked about what it was like suddenly being a student, being responsible for so many things, being an adult, what it was like for me the first few days. For some reason I didn’t even realise I forgot […]

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