Drugstore haul graphic

Drugstore haul

The moment I get my pay check I have a difficult time not to go out and spend it all at once. I always do hold myself back and don’t spend it on silly stuff, because.. well it’s silly! However, sometimes I do want to spoil myself. That’s what I did this weekend. I didn’t […]

February favourites graphic

February favourites

I scrolled through my blog and realised my last favourites blogpost was from september.. how is that even possible? Unbelievably how fast time flies by. But I am back! And I actually bought a ton of new stuff last month, so I can’t wait to show you what I got.

Skincare routine [winter edition] graphic

Skincare routine [winter edition]

The cold, snow, fireplaces, blankets, cups of tea, these are the words I associate with the winter season. But there is one more that comes to mind; dry skin. One of the downsides of the cold season is that my skin turns against me and has a full breakdown. But no worries, after years of […]

Beauty graphic


Two days ago I made a poll on my twitter, giving my followers the choice whether they wanted to see an updated everyday makeup look or my winter skincare routine. Yesterday the poll closed and… *drumroll* the makeup look won!

November favorites graphic

November favorites

Ohh we are almost entering December! But before November ends let’s take a look at everything I’ve been loving this month. From skincare to clothes, there’s quite a few interesting bits and bobs. Be prepared, because I finally had time to take pictures, so it will be a long list. Hope you enjoy my November […]

Christmas wishlist 2016 graphic

Christmas wishlist 2016

With Christmas around the corner (yes I know it’s like a month and a half away), I thought it was time to make a christmas wishlist.

New Vichy mineral face masks graphic

New Vichy mineral face masks

I entered a giveaway contest and, surprisingly, ¬†won the new Vichy Mineral Masks! I was so thrilled. When I opened the package there was a letter inside, it said I was one of the first people to try out the masks and if I could let them know what I thought about them. So why […]

Autumn makeup look graphic

Autumn makeup look

FINALLY ! Autumn is here, my favorite season of the year ! Where everything is cosy, time to buy scented candles, buying nice warm sweaters, everything is just oh so lovely. But with Autumn being here now, it is time to change up my makeup look. Why not share it with all of you ?

August favorites graphic

August favorites

I can hear you guys thinking, “Larice, we are already halfway through September, why are you posting an August favorites?”. Well my darlings, I realised hadn’t posted one yet, so here it is anyway.

Foundation vs BB cream graphic

Foundation vs BB cream

“Foundation or BB cream, which one is better ?” It’s a question a lot of people ask and there are many different opinions. To me, both of them have some great qualities. But instead of giving you my opinion and telling you which one is better and all that, I will give you some pros […]