5 netflix shows to watch in 2018 graphic

5 netflix shows to watch in 2018

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The lovely Ella from Ella Was Here inspired me to write this one, she recently posted a ‘5 Netflix series to watch in 2018’  and it got me so excited, I wanted to write one myself! I have actually written several Netflix recommendation posts which you can here and here, but […]

Cold season purchases graphic

Cold season purchases

It’s november and we all know what that means.. Get ready for the freezing cold! And for those who have been here since the beginning, you might know this time of year is my absolute favourite. Which is why I already bought a few bits and bobs for the cold season ahead of us. Let’s start […]

The art of gift-giving: a bff gift guide graphic

The art of gift-giving: a bff gift guide

Until a few weeks back one of my best friends lived next door, now she has moved to California for a year and it still feels weird. I won’t get to see her on Christmas, or NYE, not even on my birthday and she won’t even be back by the time it’s her birthday. That […]

Tourist in my own country graphic

Tourist in my own country

What is the best thing about being a student? My student-travelpass! I get to travel for free through the whole country during the weekdays. So guess what I did this summer, that’s right, I played tourist in my own country. Of course I took some pictures and obviously I am sharing them with you guys. […]

My happy place graphic

My happy place

What is not to love about little coffee shops where you can spend hours either chatting with friends, reading a book or working? My go-to place is called ‘Koffie&Koffie’, which is Dutch for (you can guess..) Coffee&Coffee. It is a small, cosy place hidden in my tiny hometown and I have been dying to share […]

Life as a student: end of freshman year graphic

Life as a student: end of freshman year

The final chapter of this year has started, my last semester. I remember writing the first blogpost for this blog and it was the first part of my ‘Life as a student’-series. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. The last posts have mainly been me freaking out over college, but as […]

A missing piece graphic

A missing piece

Do you ever have that feeling you are behind on life? Like you are missing out on something? I am 19, healthy, happy and chasing my journalism dreams. But somehow it always feels like something is missing, like I’m not “complete”. You see, I have never had a boyfriend. I have never been kissed. I […]

Life as a student pt 4: internship graphic

Life as a student pt 4: internship

  Photo ©: Mara Wienke from US team Blendle Some of you may have read this on twitter, but the last few days I was away. I actually went away for an internship! It may sound like a big deal (kinda is), but the point of this internship is trying to figure out whether journalism […]

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