Little Bookclub #3: Everything, Everything graphic

Little Bookclub #3: Everything, Everything

The 3rd ‘episode’ of Little Bookclub, eep!¬†Everything Everything, written by Nicola Yoon. Oh how wonderfully basic I am: Everything, Everything. I have to admit, I got swept along in the hype of this book. But I have no shame whatsoever. It is so wonderful and I am just a sucker for stories like this one. […]

Little Bookclub #2: How To Fall In Love graphic

Little Bookclub #2: How To Fall In Love

As someone who has never really fallen in love ,the title of this book really hit me. Because, how are you supposed to fall in love? How does it happen? What do you do?

Little Bookclub #1: Bloom graphic

Little Bookclub #1: Bloom

Welcome lovelies to the very first edition of ‘Little bookclub’! If you didn’t know yet, I am a huge fan of books. Ever since I was little I had my room full of books. Instead of having them read to me, I loved reading them myself. Which is why in elementary school I already got […]