Little Bookclub #3: Everything, Everything graphic

The 3rd ‘episode’ of Little Bookclub, eep!¬†Everything Everything, written by Nicola Yoon. Oh how wonderfully basic I am: Everything, Everything. I have to admit, I got swept along in the hype of this book. But I have no shame whatsoever. It is so wonderful and I am just a sucker for stories like this one. […]

Life as a student: sophomore year graphic

While I was gone a lot of you may not have known this, but last week was nerve wracking. You see, I still had to hand in an essay to get the last few creditpoints for my study. Luckily I got the credit, but I was still 2,5 points short to actually go on. Which […]

My happy place graphic

What is not to love about little coffee shops where you can spend hours either chatting with friends, reading a book or working? My go-to place is called ‘Koffie&Koffie’, which is Dutch for (you can guess..) Coffee&Coffee. It is a small, cosy place hidden in my tiny hometown and I have been dying to share […]

Life as a student: end of freshman year graphic

The final chapter of this year has started, my last semester. I remember writing the first blogpost for this blog and it was the first part of my ‘Life as a student’-series. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. The last posts have mainly been me freaking out over college, but as […]

Drugstore haul graphic

The moment I get my pay check I have a difficult time not to go out and spend it all at once. I always do hold myself back and don’t spend it on silly stuff, because.. well it’s silly! However, sometimes I do want to spoil myself. That’s what I did this weekend. I didn’t […]

A missing piece graphic

Do you ever have that feeling you are behind on life? Like you are missing out on something? I am 19, healthy, happy and chasing my journalism dreams. But somehow it always feels like something is missing, like I’m not “complete”. You see, I have never had a boyfriend. I have never been kissed. I […]

Life as a student pt 4: internship graphic

  Photo ¬©: Mara Wienke from US team Blendle Some of you may have read this on twitter, but the last few days I was away. I actually went away for an internship! It may sound like a big deal (kinda is), but the point of this internship is trying to figure out whether journalism […]

February favourites graphic

I scrolled through my blog and realised my last favourites blogpost was from september.. how is that even possible? Unbelievably how fast time flies by. But I am back! And I actually bought a ton of new stuff last month, so I can’t wait to show you what I got.

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