Little Bookclub #1: Bloom graphic

Welcome lovelies to the very first edition of ‘Little bookclub’! If you didn’t know yet, I am a huge fan of books. Ever since I was little I had my room full of books. Instead of having them read to me, I loved reading them myself. Which is why in elementary school I already got […]

Skincare routine [winter edition] graphic

The cold, snow, fireplaces, blankets, cups of tea, these are the words I associate with the winter season. But there is one more that comes to mind; dry skin. One of the downsides of the cold season is that my skin turns against me and has a full breakdown. But no worries, after years of […]

Beauty graphic

Two days ago I made a poll on my twitter, giving my followers the choice whether they wanted to see an updated everyday makeup look or my winter skincare routine. Yesterday the poll closed and… *drumroll* the makeup look won!

2017 graphic

I ended the year with a positive vibe, so why not start it with a positive vibe. I promised I would go back to blogging in January, so guess what?

November favorites graphic

Ohh we are almost entering December! But before November ends let’s take a look at everything I’ve been loving this month. From skincare to clothes, there’s quite a few interesting bits and bobs. Be prepared, because I finally had time to take pictures, so it will be a long list. Hope you enjoy my November […]

Netflix top picks graphic

I never wanted a Netflix account, why you ask ? Because I watch tons of tv shows and I was always worried I would get so sucked up in Netflix that I would keep watching more shows and movies, I get so easily distracted by them that often I forget to do homework or any […]

The Autumn Tag 2016 graphic

Follow my blog with Bloglovin [Credit to Renée for the beautiful picture!] If you are new to my blog you probably don’t know, but my favorite season of the year is Autumn. I found an Autumn tag post, and as a blogger, what’s better than that ?! I had been looking around for an Autumn tag, because 1) […]

Life as a student [pt. 2] graphic

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Maybe you remember my very first blogpost; life as a student. I talked about what it was like suddenly being a student, being responsible for so many things, being an adult, what it was like for me the first few days. For some reason I didn’t even realise I forgot […]