Netflix top picks graphic

I never wanted a Netflix account, why you ask ? Because I watch tons of tv shows and I was always worried I would get so sucked up in Netflix that I would keep watching more shows and movies, I get so easily distracted by them that often I forget to do homework or any […]

The Autumn Tag 2016 graphic

Follow my blog with Bloglovin [Credit to Renée for the beautiful picture!] If you are new to my blog you probably don’t know, but my favorite season of the year is Autumn. I found an Autumn tag post, and as a blogger, what’s better than that ?! I had been looking around for an Autumn tag, because 1) […]

Life as a student [pt. 2] graphic

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Maybe you remember my very first blogpost; life as a student. I talked about what it was like suddenly being a student, being responsible for so many things, being an adult, what it was like for me the first few days. For some reason I didn’t even realise I forgot […]

Little chit chat graphic

You guys are probably wondering “where on earth is she ?”. I know, I know, I haven’t been posting a lot and I’m terribly sorry. I still have to figure out how to plan everything and how to combine college with a blog and a parttime job. But I will do my best to make […]

Artfestival: Art&Food graphic

Two of my favorite things: art and food. I mean who doesn’t love it ? I certainly do. This October there is an art festival in my hometown and since I have a soft spot for art I couldn’t pass the opportunity to go take a look and take some artsy pictures.

New Vichy mineral face masks graphic

I entered a giveaway contest and, surprisingly,  won the new Vichy Mineral Masks! I was so thrilled. When I opened the package there was a letter inside, it said I was one of the first people to try out the masks and if I could let them know what I thought about them. So why […]

Autumn makeup look graphic

FINALLY ! Autumn is here, my favorite season of the year ! Where everything is cosy, time to buy scented candles, buying nice warm sweaters, everything is just oh so lovely. But with Autumn being here now, it is time to change up my makeup look. Why not share it with all of you ?

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