10 Things to do when you’re having a bad day graphic

  In general I’m quite a happy person, positive about everything 90% of the time, but of course there is the other 10%; the bad days.┬áThe days where everything seems to go wrong and there’s nothing you can do about it. I never like those days, because you don’t know when they will happen. It […]

Get To Know Me-tag: 30 questions graphic

(I’m the girl in the middle, I look exhausted because it was the day I heard if I would graduate yes or no, AND I DID YAY) Since I’m very new to blogging, I thought “why not do the get to know me-tag?”, it’s, obviously, a great way for you guys to know a little […]

Foundation vs BB cream graphic

“Foundation or BB cream, which one is better ?” It’s a question a lot of people ask and there are many different opinions. To me, both of them have some great qualities. But instead of giving you my opinion and telling you which one is better and all that, I will give you some pros […]

Life as a student graphic

ME?! A STUDENT?! GOING TO COLLEGE?! Some of you can probably relate to this thought, maybe you even freaked out as much as I did. Or thinking “I don’t want summer to end” or “I’m not ready to be a student yet”. Well let me tell you this, I had the same thoughts, but it […]

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